Monday, December 20, 2010

changing faces

Eliza and me

I'm both happy and sad to report on some changing faces at Habitat. Happy because I'm happy for them and what lies ahead, but sad because I and others will miss them dearly.

Eliza, who some of you may know from the office or seeing her running about at build-a-thons, got married in the fall. She and her husband will spend time with family for Christmas, then do some traveling and mountain climbing(!). I'll miss her especially, because she made my job as Chapter Specialist easy.

Maggie, who you probably know as the assistant site supervisor at Kinsell Commons (and Edes before that, and as an Americorps member before that) is moving to Portland. She's a familiar face to volunteers, and if you've worked with her at a build-a-thon, you may have met her husband, too. I'm hoping to see them both at future build-a-thons.

They'll be missed, but join me in wishing them well and sending prayers for their futures.

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