Sunday, October 2, 2011

September update

September has passed, and the Thrivent Builds home and the Trudy Heinecke home are getting closer to finished. The building exteriors are basically done, as is much of the interior work. There's still more painting, installing hardware, and some landscaping to do. Friday I worked with other volunteers installing door casing (trim), assembling the planters at each downspout that will catch and slowly release rainwater, and doing a variety of other tasks.

We're doing well with fundraising the Lutheran portion of the costs, but we need you and your church to come volunteer at the Kinsell Commons 81st Avenue site, as we're behind on the Lutheran and Thrivent members portion of the volunteer hours. The site is open for volunteers Wednesday through Saturday. To come out individually or with a small group, just sign up on the website. To bring a larger group, contact Habitat, either via the website or at 510-251-6304. Be sure to let them know you're a Lutheran and/or a Thrivent member -- they can probably get you in even if the site is "full".